The Beginner’s Guide to RV Solar Panels: Quiet, Efficient, & Eco-Friendly

As an RV owner, you appreciate the beauty and quiet of nature. And there’s nothing like the roar of a generator to kill your peace and quiet. If you are looking for a quiet, eco-friendly, and efficient alternative to powering your RV, All Valleys RV Storage has the solution: solar panels. Our technicians will fit your rig with an affordable solar panel solution to serve all of your needs.

RV Solar Panel Installation

The Purpose of Solar Panels

RV Solar panels provide electricity using sunlight as an energy source, effectively reducing your carbon footprint and enabling you to more easily go off the grid. Solar panels can serve either as a primary electrical power source or as a charger for the house batteries. Essentially, solar panels act as a battery charger that powers anything that runs off of your house batteries.

Types of Solar Panels

At All Valleys, we can install either of two types of solar panels. The first option acts as a trickle charger for your house battery and utilizes a charge controller. This option ensures that the batteries are always at 100% while on our RV storage lot in Simi Valley, and charges during sunlight hours. The second option is designed to maintain your batteries and power all outlets without the use of a generator. This option includes a charge controller, solar panel, and an inverter.

Solar Panel Benefits

Solar panels provide a new level of freedom to campers because they’re no longer restrained by a charging cord. Furthermore, solar panels are incredibly low maintenance. After the initial installation, all you need to do is occasionally clean the panels. Plus, solar panels keep your battery charged and significantly increase its lifespan!

Schedule Service Today

Make the most of your time outdoors with built-in RV solar panels. At All Valleys RV Storage, our professional technicians will find and install an affordable solar panel system to meet all of your needs. We also provide outdoor RV and boat storage for residents in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, and the surrounding area. To schedule service, call our office today at (805) 579-6192.

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