Solar Panels and Professional RV Service Make Going Off-Grid a Cinch

Going off the grid is a tempting thought. Being completely disconnected in the quiet of nature for a few days (or longer) is good for the soul. Before you go, though, make sure your RV is up for the task. The team at All Valleys RV Storage in Ventura County provides top notch RV service. We’ll make sure your rig is fully equipped and ready for adventure.

RV Solar Panel Installation

Going “Off-Grid”

Going off-grid means you are disconnected from all public utilities. Your RV will not have access to electricity, water, or waste disposal. As such, your RV will need to be fully self-contained to accommodate your needs for the length of your travels.

Prep Your RV

There are several things to consider before going off-grid if you still wish to enjoy the creature comforts of water and electricity.

1. Fresh Water Storage Tank

Camping in the boondocks means you will not have access to potable water. Thus, you need to make sure your RV’s water storage tank is full before setting out. This will allow you to cook, drink, shower, and use the bathroom like normal. Be aware of your tank’s capacity, and conserve water when possible to avoid running out. Keeping extra stores of fresh water inside the RV is also wise.

2. Waste Storage Tank

Similarly, familiarize yourself with the storage capacity of your wastewater storage tank. Because you don’t have access to a campsite waste management facility, you will need to break camp to access a local dumpsite.

3. Electricity

Without access to electricity, you will need a way to power your RV’s electrical components. Solar panels are the most effective and consistent way to power your RV while off-grid. Unlike a generator, solar energy is quiet and completely clean. Additionally, solar panels are low maintenance and extend the life of your RV battery.  And, when traveling in sunny California, the supply of solar energy is limitless!

Schedule Service Today

With RV service from All Valleys, going off-grid is more attainable than ever. Our technicians can customize a solar panel system to fit any RV and budget. Similarly, we provide a variety of self-services at our RV storage facility, including tank dumping, ice, firewood, and propane. Combined with our other full-service features, preparing your rig for travel has never been easier. To learn more about RV service or solar panel installation, contact our office in Simi Valley today at (805) 579-6192.

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