RV Camping in the Winter: Part Two

Have you ever considered RV camping in the winter? While some campers are more equipped than others, most can provide what you need for a successful winter camping trip. All Valleys RV Storage wants you to make lifelong camping memories no matter the season. To help, this article describes how to set up your RV for winter camping.

RV Camping in the Winter

Seal Areas Where Heat Can Escape

Most campers contain vents and other spaces that allow heat to escape. For this reason, it’s important to seal off the areas so that heat doesn’t escape. To accomplish this, you can purchase vent cushions or even make some yourself. Once you install the cushions, you’ll create a barrier between the camper’s interior and the outdoors, which keeps the heat inside.

Keep the Furnace in Good Working Order

Speaking of heat, RV camping in the winter generally requires a working furnace. Therefore, test the furnace before you hit the road. Ensure the furnace is clean and in good working order. Finally, understand that heat pump only campers may not heat as much as those with furnaces. Thus, you might want to camp at a location that doesn’t get too cold.

Keep the Slide Outs Clear from Ice and Snow

When RV camping in the winter, ice and snow sometimes build up on the RV’s exterior. Specifically, keep an eye on the slide-outs. You should be okay while camping, however, when it’s time to leave, you’ll want to make sure accumulated snow and ice don’t prevent the slideouts from closing. Additionally, make sure the awnings are free from ice and snow before rolling them up to depart.

Check the Weather Forecast

Depending on what part of the U.S. you decide to camp, severe and unexpected storms can occur. You never know what to expect so it’s helpful to check the weather forecast before you leave. At the same time, we suggest checking updated forecasts periodically to make sure you’re on top of the weather during your entire stay.

Just in Case

By and large, people camp throughout the year with only minor hiccups or mishaps. Still, bad things can always happen, and it’s best to always be prepared. Especially when doing RV camping in the winter, it’s a good idea to have several things on hand for a just-in-case scenario, including

• extra clothing and warm blankets.
• five gallons of drinking water and extra food.
• cold weather sleeping bags.
• weather band radio.
• gasoline-powered generator.
• extra propane.
• tire chains.

Ready to Rent or Store?

Winter camping can be a great experience. All you have to do is a little upfront homework to make sure you’re prepared, and then hit the road! Whether you rent an RV or store an RV in Simi Valley, All Valleys RV Storage is here to help. Call (805) 579-6192 to learn more or contact us online.

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