Implement These 4 Principles to Maximize Your RV Storage Space

When the world becomes too crazy, escaping into nature in an RV is a welcome reprieve. But a cluttered, grungy RV can put a damper on your relaxing getaway. All Valleys RV Storage in Simi Valley specializes in secure outdoor RV storage. However, we also have a few tips for keeping your RV neat and tidy while in use.

Tips to Maximize Your RV Storage Space

1. Utilize Multi-Purpose Items

Most people have cupboards, drawers, and closets full of gadgets for every task. While that may work in your home, it’s not feasible in an RV. To cut down on the clutter, make use of multi-use items that serve a variety of purposes. Mason jars, for example, are great for storing leftovers, housing small collectibles, or drinking from. This principle applies to everything from kitchenware, to toiletries, to clothing; the more uses you find for individual items, the fewer items you will need to store.

2. Use Vertical Space

Making use of vertical storage space will minimize the amount of clutter you have lying around. For example, hanging a trash bag on the back of a cabinet door saves valuable storage space and keeps the trash out of sight. Similarly, hanging vertical clothes and shoe organizers greatly increases your clothing storage capacity. Even simply hanging hooks on the wall can cut down on clutter – and help you keep track of your keys!

3. Make Use of Magnets

Magnets make use of otherwise wasted space. For example, creating a magnetized spice rack or knife holder frees up valuable counter space. You can even place strong magnets on decorations and other household items that you want to keep in place while you’re on the go.

4. Use Foldable or Stackable Items

Make use of the many storage saving options that exist in the home goods department of most stores. Collapsible colanders, laundry baskets, dish drying racks, and many other space saving options exist. Invest in some of these simple, affordable items to save space when they’re not in use.

Outdoor RV Storage and Service

Ultimately, keeping your RV organized comes down to one simple principle: less is more. But even the tidiest of RVs won’t feel like home if it’s filthy or in disrepair. For all of your RV storage and maintenance needs, contact All Valleys RV Storage at (805) 579-6192. We take care of everything from detailing and routine maintenance to tank dumping and parking your rig at the end of a long trip.

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