Customizable Solar Panels for All Sizes of RVs and Budgets

One of the primary benefits of owning an RV is having the comforts and convenience of home while on the road. To capitalize on this benefit, allow the technicians at All Valleys RV Storage to install solar panels on your RV. We will customize a solar panel system to fit your needs and budget so you can enjoy the comforts of home anywhere you go.

RV Solar Panel Installation

What Are Solar Panels?

In a nutshell, solar panels are the key to providing electricity for your RV without an electric hookup. Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. This electricity is used to charge your battery, enabling you to enjoy electricity even when unplugged.

Benefits of Solar Panels

One of the primary benefits of solar panels is their low maintenance; once installed, all that is required to keep your panels functioning is an occasional cleaning and exposure to some sunshine. Additionally, solar panels effectively recharge your battery and significantly extend its lifespan. And, unlike generators which decrease your battery’s lifespan, emit fumes, and make a lot of noise, solar panels are clean, eco-friendly, and quiet.

Who Should Invest in Solar Panels?

Thanks to modern advances in technology, mobile solar panels are affordable and customizable. No matter the size of your rig or your budget, we can customize a kit to fit your specifications. Solar panels are especially beneficial to campers who like to go off the grid. They provide the flexibility you need to travel wherever you want while still enjoying a charged battery.

Solar Solutions for Your RV

Allow our team at All Valleys RV Storage in Simi Valley to customize the perfect solar system for your RV. We can install a small system that keeps your battery charged, or a larger system that keeps all of your outlets live without the use of a generator. We also provide private outdoor RV storage and boat storage, along with a variety other RV services. To learn more, contact our office today at (805) 579-6192.



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