7 Great RV Campgrounds in Simi Valley and Nearby

RV owners constantly search for the next best place to experience. People who don’t participate in full-time RVing or who want to try a new place that’s far away sometimes fly to their destination and rent one. Still, others rent an RV to try it out and determine whether they want to buy it. Whatever your situation, All Valleys RV Storage has suggestions for both your next RV and your next destination. Enjoy these seven fantastic RV campgrounds in Simi Valley and the surrounding area.

7 Great RV Campgrounds in Simi Valley and Nearby

1. Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday

KOA campgrounds are spread across the entire U.S., and are known for their nice grounds and amenities. Ventura Ranch KOA provides 148 sites, including some pull-through sites, which are coveted by RV’ers. Other amenities include full hookups, WiFi, and nice showers and bathrooms.

Highlight: An adventure park with a zipline that’s the rave among campers.

Lowlight: Lots of beautiful peacocks that provide entertainment but are pretty vocal around 5 AM.

Proximity to Simi Valley: 26.3 miles

Cost: $80 a night

2. Faria Beach

Faria Beach is a small park with only 42 sites. Its limited number of sites and on-the-beach location make scoring reservations a challenge. They do offer WiFi, and some sites offer hookups, but the selling point of this campground is the beach access and view.

Highlight: On-the-beach camping with amazing views and water access.

Lowlight: Limited number of sites, and you may have to dry camp.

Proximity to Simi Valley: 45.4 miles

Cost: $35 a night

3. Malibu Beach RV Park

Malibu Beach RV Park offers 177 sites with pull-throughs and full hookups. Many sites sit atop the bluff with amazing ocean views.

Highlight: Location, location, location.

Lowlight: Not great for families due to rules for scooters, skateboards, etc.

Proximity to Simi Valley: 36.7 miles

Average Cost: $72 a night

4. Seabreeze RV Resort

The military-only Seabreeze RV Resort hosts 85 nicely spaced sites with pull-throughs and full hookups. The Santa Monica Pier and Disneyland are both nearby.

Highlight: RV/car wash bays.

Lowlight: Campground office hours are minimal, and entrance into the park can be logistically difficult.

Proximity to Simi Valley: 71.6 miles

Average Cost: $40 a night

5. Golden Shore RV Resort

Golden Shore RV Resort is an older campground best suited for smaller RVs. Choose from 80 sites situated close to the Port of Long Beach.

Highlight: Nice shopping, eating, and exploring all around the area.

Lowlight: No dump station or pull-through sites. Dogs are only allowed in the dog park.

Proximity to Simi Valley: 64.9 miles

Average Cost: $60-$76 a night

6. Bolsa Chica State Beach

Bolsa Chica State Beach hosts 57 sites situated nicely between the inner bay and beach.

Highlight: Check out the Bolsa Chica Wildlife Refuge across the street, the dog beach nearby, and the amazing military choppers in the area.

Lowlight: No sewer, but they do have a dump station.

Proximity to Simi Valley: 75.4 miles

Average Cost: $50-$65 a night

7. Walnut RV Park

Walnut RV Park hosts 123 sites to the west of L.A. Park your RV for a while and drive into L.A. or the surrounding area to check out the sites.

Highlight:  Spacious, well-maintained, well-managed, and accommodates long stays.

Lowlight: No pull-through sites.

Proximity to Simi Valley: 19 miles

Average Cost: $70-$85 a night

Launch Your Next RV Adventure

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or you want to try it out for the first time, All Valleys RV is here for you. Buy an RV, rent an RV for a trip, or check out our other services. RV campgrounds in Simi Valley and the surrounding area provide ample opportunity to do so. Call us today at (805) 579-6192 or contact us online for more information.


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