4 Reasons to Install Solar Panels on Your RV

Spring has sprung in Simi Valley, California, and as you prepare to take your RV out of storage this year, consider installing solar panels on your motorhome. Did you know your RV doesn’t have to depend solely on campground electricity? Instead, you can harness the power of the sun with solar panels from All Valleys RV Storage in Ventura County.  So before you head out on your next adventure, consider these four reasons to install solar panels on your RV and enjoy a hassle-free, affordable option for reducing your motorhome’s carbon footprint.

Low Maintenance

One of the main reasons to switch to solar panels is the lack of moving parts. Solar panels work by creating an electrical current when the sunlight hits the panel, which then feeds into a charge controller that regulates how much of the charge reaches the battery. The battery then converts the charge into power that can be used to run your household appliances and electronics. Because there are no moving parts, there is virtually nothing to break. The only maintenance needed is an occasional cleaning, which means your panels can last years with no recurring costs.

Extend Your Battery Life

The average RV battery lasts two to three years, and while a generator can recharge a drained battery, repeating this process over time can decrease the battery’s lifespan. A solar charging system can double or triple the life of a standard battery. This is because solar panels charge the battery slowly with a steady charge instead of a quick shock from a generator. This is the way batteries were made to be charged.

More Adventure, Fewer Cords

The sun is an inexhaustible resource; even in the winter months and in cloudy weather, the sun can still be used to charge your panels. This means you can spend more time in beautiful remote locations without having to plug into a campsite or use a noisy generator.

RV Solar Panel Installation

Systems to Meet Every Need

Whether you’d like to go completely off the grid or just use the panels as emergency power, All Valleys RV Storage has the set up that is just right for you. Solar panels can charge your batteries during sunlight hours and maintain the life of your battery. Or, you can use them as your primary source of power. From using the microwave to watching TV, solar panels can fully provide you with the power you need.

At All Valleys RV Storage in Simi Valley, not only do we offer solar panel installation, but we also provide outdoor boat storage and RV storage, as well as providing maintenance and services on-site for your convenience. We have a user-friendly self-serve area for those wanting to do the maintenance and cleaning on their own, in addition to our professional full-service features.  Let us help you get your motorhome ready for all your spring adventures – contact us today at (805) 579-6192.

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